Lego creates Simpsons minifigures

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After waiting 25 long years, the Simpsons have finally gotten their Lego glory day. That’s right, May 2014 marks the months that the block-building mogul, Lego, will produce the Simpson minifigures that we have all been waiting for since their arrival on the scene. In addition to the minifigures, Fox is planning to jump on the bandwagon and give us a Lego Simpsons episode, May 4, 2014. There are just Simpsons everywhere, at this point.

The Lego minifigure set will give us sixteen different characters to choose from. The pricing is set at $3.99 per figure and they’re also working on giving us the full Lego construction set.

Folks were excited when the Simpsons movie came out a few years back and the advent of “Spider-Pig” hit ears across the globe. Then, we were jumping for joy when they gave us the Simpson’s animated ride at Universal in Orlando. Now, we don’t know what we’re going to do with ourselves as Lego throws another strangely awesome set addiction onto our shelves.

Honestly, I see this going very well. The Simpsons have been a cultural stamp for the last 25 years and they aren’t showing any signs of going anywhere. Yes, Family Guy, you’re doing a good job too, but you’re no Simpsons; bright, spiky, yellow and just plain weird. So, is anyone else ready to sit on the floor like we’re five and play with toys again? Someone, bring the fruit snacks. It’s on.

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