Next McConaughey? Zac Efron signs up for Grisham adaptation

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Zac EfronSince both author John Grisham and “actor” Zac Efron fizzled years ago, when the teen heartthrob reached puberty and the dreadful “Christmas with the Kranks” bombed at the box-office, lowering the mushy holiday fare bar to a never-before-touched level, it’s fitting they get to try a Hollywood comeback together.

Well, technically, it’s only a comeback for Grisham, and more like a rebirth for Efron, who’s had a steady post-“High School Musical” workflow, just nothing to write home about. A couple crappy R-rated comedies, one of which he helped produce, and serious roles in the worst Lee Daniels movie since “Shadowboxer”, as well as one or two soapy, tear-jerking romantic dramas.

Ironically, he seems to be getting the best critical buzz in “Neighbors”, one of the most Seth Rogen-y Seth Rogen flicks of late, filled to the brim with penis humor and jizz jokes. Now, I don’t know if “The Associate” is any good, but at least it’s something else.

And kudos to Efron for trying, particularly as he’s set to tackle producing duties on Grisham’s latest adaptation. That’s bold, though he may be on to something. After all, the writer’s early legal thrillers starred youngsters Tom Cruise or Matthew McConaughey, who, like Efron, had little else going besides their boyish looks.

“The Associate” producers are still scouting for someone to alter John Grisham’s novel for the big screen, plus a director, only then planning to shop around for distribution. Aside from Efron, Douglas Wick (“Divergent”, “Gladiator”), Lucy Fisher (“The Great Gatsby”), Michael Simkin (“That Awkward Moment”) and Nicki Cortese (“Paranormal Activity 3”) are also attached as co-EPs.

Now let’s just hope “The Associate” is in “The Firm’s” ballpark, but not too similar.

Via [Hollywood Reporter]

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