‘Lucy’ trailer: Scarlett Johansson ‘Limitless’ remake meets ‘Crank 3′

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Lucy-Scarlett-JohanssonLuc Besson was sure in a hurry to wrap up “Lucy”, his first directorial stab at full-fledged action/sci-fi material in ages, what with the second lead only cast seven months ago, yet the end result is surprisingly polished and visually alluring.

Original also? Not exactly, as the central concept is an obvious “Limitless” rip-off, plus there are plot and cinematography elements similar to “Crank”, “Salt”, “X-Men”, “Nikita”, even “Matrix” all through the 150-second trailer embedded below.

So no, “Lucy” won’t earn Besson that long overdue Oscar nomination (anyone remember “Léon” and “The Fifth Element”?). But hey, I can think of much worse ways of spending a Sunday afternoon come next fall than checking out on VOD an upgraded Black Widow with actual superpowers kicking butt, shooting and knifing bad guys (or is she the bad girl?) and writing Chinese (?!?) while trying to access 100 percent of her cerebral capacity.

Also, Morgan Freeman plays a sciencey Morgan Freeman. I’m sold, though just to set the record straight, the film is fiction all the way. What I’m trying to say is kids, don’t do drugs, mmkay? You will not, I repeat you will not get superpowers, and you’re going to have a bad time trying to beat up dudes twice your size while stoned. You’ve been warned.

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