Fin: ‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale wrap-up edition

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Some links and final thoughts following the final episode of How I Met Your Mother. For the five-part crosstalk between myself and Jordan Rockwell, see here, here, here, here and here. You can see my top ten episodes of the series here, a collection of the funniest finale reactions on Twitter here, and a complete archive of this site’s HIMYM articles here.

– Supposedly the conclusion of HIMYM greatly resembles that of the novel “Love in the Time of Cholera.” Not only that, but the series has been loaded with references to Gabriel García Márquez‘s 1985 novel, including Ted describing it as his favorite book, and Ted can even be seen reading the book right before he meets the Mother. The fan theory has been around for awhile. Although Garcia Marquez apparently didn’t much like the association; the 87-year-old author was reportedly hospitalized in Mexico City Thursday. 

– Another fan theory that turned out to be right- the stripper in season one, like the Mother, was named “Tracy.” 

 – Something I noticed: The marriages between the main characters (Marshall/Lilly, Ted/Tracy, Barney/Robin), worked two times out of three. JUST LIKE “THE NAKED MAN.”

– Vulture rounds up what the actors have planned next. Who will have the biggest post-HIMYM career? It wouldn’t remotely shock me if it were Cristina Milioti.

  A piece on Thought Catalog attempts to rebut five criticisms of the finale, and render them “invalid.” Like most things on Thought Catalog, it’s very unpersuasive.

– The ever-contrarian Slate argues that the finale made a certain amount of sense for “fans of a certain age”

– In a funny Internet cut, Bradley Cooper’s character from “Silver Linings Playbook” rants about the ending:

Wait until he hears the Eagles released DeSean Jackson.

 – In the most useless empty gesture since #CancelColbert, a petition is demanding that the creators reshoot the ending. Like Barney used to say, “please.”

 – Speaking of which, a GQ thinkpiece about the “bro-ness” of Barney Stinson 

– Film Crit Hulk, a very talented writer who really needs to drop the all-caps gimmick if he wants me to read his stuff, defends the finale.

– As for the “It’s not your show and not your story to tell, and it’s not fair to complain about the story itself” argument, as raised in his day-after essay by Alan Sepinwall?  What a meaningless, wrong non-sequitur. Anyone can complain about anything for any reason they want. This is like taking auteur theory to a radical, dangerous extreme, although I wouldn’t say that any of the Cahiers du CInema people would ever argue that critics have no right to criticize a director’s vision.

– You know who liked the finale? Victoria! 

What really happened to the pineapple

– The creators say they will solve the series’ one remaining major mystery- it’s gotta be the pineapple- on the series DVD set. 

For more, see the HIMYM subreddit. 

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