Could Charlie Sheen Be “Winning” at WWE’s SummerSlam?

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WWE Raw’s 1000th episode Monday Night saw returns from The Rock, The Undertaker, a botched wedding attempt and a little infusion of Adonis DNA. Charlie Sheen served as WWE’s Social Media Ambassador for the evening, a choice they probably made before he quit Twitter. He joined the show by video to give his take on the night’s events.

One of the evening’s big storylines was the wedding between Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee. Bryan has been a jerk to her, so she left him at the altar. Sheen couldn’t resist getting a few digs in. He even suggested Bryan needs anger management, a not subtle plug for his new FX sitcom. Bryan threatened Sheen, a challenge the actor said he’d take on if the wrestler’s ever in Los Angeles. It just happens that WWE is coming to LA for SummerSlam August 19.

Super promoter Vince McMahon loves celebrity appearances and the resulting publicity.  Whether you love, hate or think Sheen needs shock therapy, he’s an excellent source of publicity. WWE didn’t say anything definite. But it certainly looks as if the actor is ready to join Drew Carey, Snooki and Mike Tyson as celebrities who have thrown down on WWE pay-per-view.

Speaking of actors, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson announced he will face whoever Raw’s heavyweight champion is at January’s Royal Rumble.  It could be a very profitable next few months as WWE builds up these storylines.

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