WWE will honor Ultimate Warrior with two tribute specials

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ultimate warrior shakes ropesThe WWE Universe is still reeling from the sudden death of The Ultimate Warrior, one of the squared circle’s most colorful superstars. He will be the subject of two upcoming tribute specials. First, the April 14 episode of Monday Night Raw will be in his honor. Often, wrestlers get a brief tribute video and a black screen with the date of their birth and death. We’ll likely see a lot more than that this time. Warrior stood out among pro wrestlers due to his high-energy, colorful facepaint and unforgettable interviews. Despite wrestling his last WWE match almost 20 years ago, his recent return and Hall of Fame induction showed how popular he still was.

More than a few celebrities have confessed on Twitter to running around their house as kids with the closest version of the Warrior’s costume they could make. Wrestlers have been sharing some of their memories in the past few days. Current superstar Batista finally got to tell the Warrior that he shakes the ropes during his intro as an homage. Hulk Hogan was a rival of The Warrior in and out of the ring. He tweeted that the two made up over Wrestlemania weekend, to the delight of Warrior’s wife Dana.

Bret Hart shared a different story on his Facebook. He had no personal animosity toward Warrior, but during the chaotic Wrestlemania weekend they just didn’t get time to talk.

“His final ring promo breaks my heart,” he said. “I’ve many fond memories of times we shared, only now do
they pile up in my head. I’d also tell him that he was right, he never was such a bad guy.”

The WWE Network has already been airing some of Warrior’s greatest matches, including the Wrestlemania VI victory over Hulk Hogan. On April 16, it will present a special tentatively titled “Warrior: The Ultimate Legend.”

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  • Jake

    It’s just too bad that the WWE Network has a frame rate problem that makes any program look film-like and difficult to watch on any device. I won’t be watching the warrior special or renewing my subscription because of that.

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  • Ricky

    is that frame rate- I see the motion looking different 2. thought it was my old tv tho worse on the 1 I just baught. wish directv was gonna show extreme rulz coz I so wanna see Cena versus Wyatt. maybe I watch the network.