Baz Luhrmann Could be Giving Us that ‘Kung Fu’ Movie We Never Asked For

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I’m not a fan of Baz Luhrmann. All of his films resemble overlong perfume commercials from the 90s and even thoughkung-fu-lunchbox he had nothing to do with Glee, I feel that he’s somehow still partially to blame for the existence of that TV show. But with all of that said, The Hollywood Reporter’s recent story about Baz Luhrmann possibly tackling the big screen adaptation of Kung Fu was interesting to me because sometimes the worst man for the job can be the best man.

Kung Fu – or as it’s better known as, that other less embarrassing thing that people seem to forget that David Carradine did – was a not very good TV show from the 70s in which Carradine pretended to be an Asian man as he punched cowboys in the throat, could very well be turned into a painfully elaborate and needlessly stylized eyesore by the same diseased mind that gave us last year’s “Gatsby” and “Moulin Rouge”. Reportedly, the storyline could find Kwai Chang Caine –the character Carradine once portrayed – searching for his father in China and eventually winding up in prison where he literally must fight for his life.

In spite of the fact that I don’t care for Kung Fu and completely dislike Luhrmann, I see this as two wrongs making a right. Although, it will inevitably be annoying and almost unbearably twee, Luhrmann’s Kung Fu will also be interesting in the same way that Harmony Korine’s adaptation of Kojak would be interesting. Basically, I sense a train wreck. And as of right now I’m going to set up camp right here and wait because I guarantee you, this will be the loudest, most colorful train wreck you ever laid eyes on.

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