TBS Eyes Comedian Pete Holmes for Late Night Show

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Pete Holmes

It looks as if comedian Pete Holmes, who also hosts the “You Made It Weird” podcast and draws cartoons for “The New Yorker,” is being groomed for a late night show at TBS, according to Vulture.

What are the details on this possible “companion series” to “Conan”?

The new series, produced under Conan O’Brien’s Conaco banner…would be a slight departure from the typical talk-show format at only half an hour… The show starts filming its pilot mid-August, but there’s no word yet on when TBS would have to render a final decision.

Interesting development. TBS does need a proper follow-up for Coco after ridding itself of George Lopez. Holmes is very funny, though it’s hard seeing him as a host. (The same thing was said about Conan in 1993, by the way.) Also, the half-hour format gives me pause. If this is a traditional talk show, then, well, let’s just say there isn’t a lengthy  history of successful 30-minute talk shows. We’ll see what happens. Either way, good for Holmes. I’m rooting for him.

If this doesn’t work the network can always rely on “Family Guy” reruns.

FYI: Holmes has said nothing of the report on his Twitter feed, @peteholmez.

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