Mara Wilson: Child actress-turned-awesome Tweeter

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Mara Wilson

Mara Wilson

A few weeks ago, I started seeing a name in my Twitter stream over and over again- Mara Wilson, and the handle @MaraWritesStuff. The same sounded sort of familiar, but I couldn’t put together exactly who this writer was.

But then I realized- it’s Mara Wilson, the child actress of the 1990s, best known for playing “Matilda” in the popular childrens’ book adaptation, and as one of Robin Williams’ daughters in 1993’s “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Now 26, and now out of acting, Wilson now works for Publicolor, a nonprofit dedicated to “improve education in youth by promoting an imaginative use of color in school buildings.” She has also amassed a sizable Twitter following, of over 92,000 followers, and has emerged as a writer of note, contributing essays to Cracked, and to her own blog.

Wilson made news this week following the inexplicable news that a “Mrs. Doubtfire” sequel is in development. Wilson took to Twitter to declare that she won’t be taking part. And some people just plain went nuts- I really had no idea people felt so strongly about “Mrs. Doubtfire.”

Most embarrassing of all was a pretty odious piece on by Andrew Gruttadaro, who begged/demanded that Wilson get on board, or else:

Alright Mara, I know you’re 20 years older now, and I know you don’t want your legacy to just be “that adorable, lisping girl from a Robin Williams classic,” but when a ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ sequel comes calling, you drop everything and get on board. While every ’90s kid in the world (me included) spent April 17 chugging Squeez-Its and slamming 3D Doritos in celebration over the news that a Mrs. Doubtfire sequel was a go — with Robin Williams and director Chris Columbus signed on! — co-star Mara Wilson, who played the adorable daughter in the original, spent the day strongly insisting that she would never be a part of it. WTF, Mara?

How dare she not come out of retirement, 20 years later, to participate in an ill-advised sequel?

Wilson, now 26, explained it on Twitter- and responded very, very wittily to those who had a problem with the decision:




And the best one of all:

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