Box office report: Captain America defeats Jesus, Johnny Depp

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captain_america__the_winter_soldier_poster_fanmade_by_timetravel6000v2-d5b9but1Here’s your box office report for this past weekend, which saw “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” hold down the top spot for the third straight week. The competition was fierce, especially from newcomer “Heaven is for Real.” The real-life drama raked in $21.5 million over the weekend and has made $28.5 million since its Wednesday opening. 

And Johnny Depp suffered another misstep. “Transcendence” finished a woeful fourth, ahead of “A Haunted House 2.” 

As always, these figures are estimates and are not deemed official until you get a phone call from your local studio rep. And even then, you should ask to see a receipt. 

1.) “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,” $26.6M. Figure it’s got another week here–I can’t see “Brick Mansions” or “The Other Woman” doing much damage–before the new “Spider-Man” makes another mint for Marvel. Expect this pattern to repeat for roughly the next 10 to 15 years: one Marvel property replaces another one at the top of the box office.

2.) “Rio 2,” $22.5M. Hey, I got a blurb for ya, Fox: The most obvious cash grab since “Happy Feet 2!” The exclamation point is optional.

3.) “Heaven is for Real,” $21.5M. Alternate titles I would like to think we’re suggested: “Heaven, Am I Right?”, “Jesus is My Homeboy,” “Fuckin’ A Right, This is Heaven,” “Crashing St. Pete’s Pad.”

4.) “Transcendence,” $11.2M. Actual line from my notes: “I fucking give up.” Ah, the rewarding life of reviewing movies!

5.) “A Haunted House 2,” $9.1M. I have a sinking feeling they’ll be making these movies long after I’m dead since they can be made quickly and cheaply.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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