Netflix is about to boost prices, folks

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netflix-movies-expiring-jan-2014Who hasn’t fallen prey to Netflix and their ability to keep you engrossed in a show for hours on end? That marathon feature is the reason for missed work and late papers, among many other things. However, that 20 second countdown is about to cost us a little more money. According to Netflix, an increase of about $1-2 is heading for the US’s new subscribers. Older subscribers are in the clear for right now, but in the future, we may all be looking at higher Netflix prices.

The company is pinning the increase on streaming and new content that they are hoping to bring in. They are promising that the new price will actually help them bring it all together for our viewing pleasure. Granted, $7.99 isn’t a bad price to pay, and anything less than $20 for an unholy amount of television is incredible, Netflix has had slightly higher prices in the past, and it didn’t work out too well for them. Yes, that was back during their disc revolution, but people don’t like their television being messed with for any reason other than an upgrade.

Netflix conducted a study where they hiked up their prices in Ireland by a slight amount, and are counting on that to be their guide as far as where they should go with their current prices. Please don’t do anything drastic, Netflix. This is always the first step to some ridiculous notion. Bear in mind, consumers don’t like surprises.

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