Fox working on new ‘Flash Gordon’ movie

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flash gordonNot a day of movie stories goes by without talk of at least one reboot or remake. Today’s plan is over at Fox, where the Hollywood Reporter says Fox wants to put legendary comic book hero Flash Gordon back on the big screen. J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay will write the script. The pair most recently worked on the third “Star Trek” installment.

Created in 1934, Flash Gordon and his love interest Dale Arden battle villainous Ming the Merciless. It was a newspaper comic mainstay at one time and of course, gave the fantastically cheesy 80s movie that’s now a cult classic. In 2007, Sci Fi Channel reimagined it as a TV show that failed to capture audiences. Studios including Sony, Universal and Mandalay have all tried to get a Flash Gordon film franchise started to no avail.

Dynamite Comics holds his print rights these days and has found a waiting audience. The first issue of King’s Watch, which teams Flash with fellow pulp heroes The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician, sold out a 10,000 issue first print-run in one day. Maybe Fox can use Flash to build up to a shared Defenders of The Earth film universe. Probably not, but here’s some epic Queen from the “Flash Gordon” soundtrack.

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