Production of Fringe Delayed Due to John Noble Illness

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In a bit of troubling news, The Hollywood Reporter, um, reports that production of the upcoming fifth, and final, season of Fringe has been shut down for two weeks due to an illness suffered by John Noble.

An unnamed source told THR that Noble is being treated for a “sleep disorder.” I hope “sleep disorder” isn’t code for something more serious (or more tawdry) though a sleep disorder does seem like an appropriately Walter Bishop-like ailment for him to suffer from.

Noble, of course, is a favorite of genre fans due to his soulful, nuanced performance as various iterations of Walter Bishop on Fringe as well as his performance as Denethor in the Lord of the Rings movies, among many other things. In interviews Noble comes off as extremely likable, and has the true love of the material than genre fans love to see. Earlier this week at a session of the TCA summer press tour (which Noble did not attend), the cast and crew of Fringe praised his work and lamented that he had not yet been nominated for an Emmy for his performance. And, the fact that he has not yet even been nominated for four seasons of some of the best work anyone is doing on television (seriously, on the level of Jon Hamm and Bryan Cranston in my opinion) does seem to be evidence of an inherent bias against genre fare at the Emmys.

The past week has not bee a good one for Fringe cast members, as Blair Brown is also reportedly suffering from some sort of illness and Jasika Nicole was shaken up by a minor car accident. All of these problems were cited as reasons for the two week production delay. Currently, the delay is not expected to affect the upcoming season’s premiere date of September 28.

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