The Simpsons Family History is hitting shelves this year

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Screen-shot-2014-04-23-at-3.23.13-PMThe Simpsons have been making a lot of headway in 2014. For fans who are willing to throw down and break each other when it comes to who knows what about The Simpsons, get ready to be tested. “The Simpsons Family History” is hitting the shelves on September 23. What does that mean? That means that now you can have a twisted drinking game centered around how many questions you get wrong about your beloved characters.

The Simpsons have been around for years, 25 to be exact, and every year they manage to shock the masses with new and exciting material. That’s pretty impressive by anyone’s standards, especially when it comes to a show as twisted and backwards as The Simpsons. It might actually get you thinking about Bart and his lean towards psychosis, whether or not Homer is actually as dense as he appears to be, and whether or not Krusty’s twisted and strange exterior came from some weird experience with tutu-wearing chipmunk.

The book is said to have a lot of information that we mere mortals know nothing about, which just isn’t fair. However, now we will get the chance to look into the minds and undermining themes that drive this weird universe known as Springfield.

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