Fin: Mad Men, rape on TV, The Other Woman and RIP Lee Marshall

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Together again...

Law & Order: SVU, which for years has been the most rape-heavy TV series by a significant margin, aired a marathon on USA on Sunday, in between anti-sexual assault PSAs. A bit too little too late, if you ask me (TV Guide.)

Speaking of which: A supercut of movie cops making variations on the “you know what they do to [x] in prison” threat (Huffington Post.) re-wrote a headline by Pajiba’s Dustin Rowles about the Game of Thrones rape scene and significantly misrepresented his argument (Pajiba)

And finally… an alternate version of that notorious Game of Thrones assault scene- which failed to prevent a romantic comedy starring the actor playing the rapist in a romantic lead from being number one at the box office a few days later (Dan Abromowitz)

A two-word review of “The Other Woman” (Mother Jones)

Mad Men used “Alan Silver”- also my father’s name- as a character name on Sunday night’s episode. I’m going to assume that some writer on the show was paying homage to the old Gary David Goldberg sitcom Brooklyn Bridge, whose young protagonist was a different Alan Silver. 

A charting out of every Mad Men client, and whether or not it ever existed or still exists (Five Thirty Eight)

 Why Mad Men should “free the Jew” and give Ginsburg more to do (Tablet)

The Donald Sterling scandal reminds Matthew Yglesias of the They Might Be Giants song“Your Racist Friend” (Vox 

 Lee Marshall, a staple of 1980s wrestling broadcasts as an announcer in both the AWA and WCW, has died (Wrestling Inc)

 In defense of watching HBO sex scenes with your parents (Nerve)

Looking back at Spuds Mackenzie (Mental Floss)

The ’90s are back, as AOL and Miramax have announced a movie tie-in (Variety)

The Twitter account for Paul Walker’s new movie has tagged the late actor on Twitter. He probably won’t be retweeting (Defamer)

 The most in-depth analysis of TV opening credits you will ever see (Vox)

Sounds like a Triumph: A movie is in development about the Westminster Dog Show (Variety)

The frontman of the Christian rock group Jars of Clay is the latest surprise backer of same-sex marriage (Vox)


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