Almost Human almost made it

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Fox has done some pretty outlandish things with their time slots and have doomed quite a few shows to the forgotten lands of television past. Unfortunately, Almost Human has been thrown right into the primordial television ooze and will not be seen on a cable again. That’s right, it has been canceled.

Yes, it was a little slow at the beginning. No, it didn’t make much sense in the first couple episodes. And yes, people were probably expecting it to take a completely different turn. However, people still loved it. In fact, people loved it enough to look for it On Demand or Hulu. The problem seemed to be the timeslot. Monday night at 8PM is a spot that is filled with a lot of heavy hitters, and that’s only if you can get home to watch those heavy hitters live.

There are talks that Fox’s other shows may be to blame for knocking the drama off the air, but most of us aren’t buying it. Maybe someone at the WB studio where the show is shot made the wrong exec angry. Either way you slice it, Urban and Ealy are going to have to find another way to partner up and make hilariously strange comments about each other while in the presence of viewers. Monday nights will never be the same.

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    Indeed. And thank you for this article. Almost Human was treated unfairly from the start, and the way FOX (supposedly) went about announcing its cancellation was just low, lower than any other network I’ve seen! They still haven’t release an actual statement! The actors, crew, and producers didn’t know until Twitter fired up… it was very painful for fans to contact those who worked on the show and give them the news.