Pawn Stars spawns Pawnography

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Pawn_Stars_castIn 2009, the masses were graced with the presence and obsessions known as Pawn Stars. Now, about five years later, the show is being given a trivia game show spin-off known as Pawnography. The way the show works is that the Pawn Star boys will be competing against selected contestants to answer a few trivia questions. The contestants will be offered cash prizes, random prizes, and gameshow prizes that seem to follow every gameshow in history through the ranks. Speaking of History, they’re going to give the show a full 10-episdoe stint to see how well it does with the masses.

A lot of things have been tiptoeing through a whole new land of “what if we did this”. It seems that History wants to get in on the goods and see what they can offer the already prosperous show. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure it was going to last this long. After all, how many antique or almost antique pieces can you find in your basement? I’m guessing there are a lot of basements in the world. Either way you slice it, the boys aren’t going anywhere and people are probably stoked to see what type of obnoxiously hard trivia questions the game gods are going to come up with to throw at the participants. This might actually be worth a watch.


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