Disney Publishing launching “Star Wars Journeys”, an interactive Star Wars app

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phantom menace star wars“Star Wars” is a saga that spans generations at this point, and Disney is all too happy to offer the younglings a way to get up to speed. It has announced “Star Wars Journeys,” an interactive series of apps it hopes will introduce new fans to the saga. For example, the “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” app now available on iOS features podraces in four different galaxies.These apps will also contain collectible character profiles and unlockable hidden content. Users will apparently have the opportunity to create some content as well.

As we build up to the release of “Star Wars: Episode VII”, Disney Publishing will put out interactive “Star Wars Journeys” apps  for all the previous films. “The Phantom Menace” is currently available on iOS in the Kids and Entertainment categories of the App Store. This could be a fun way to spend Star Wars Day May 4. You can check out some of the other Disney apps at

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