The Ellens: From Ellen Page to Ellen DeGeneres

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ellensgyComing out comes with a very negative stigma across the country. Hell, the stigma carries across the world. However, more and more actors and actresses, along with other well-known individuals, are coming out and letting the world know that they are no longer afraid of being who they are.

One such actress is Ellen Page. On February 14 of this year,  she decided that she wasn’t going to sit back and feel “guilty” about hiding her sexuality. Instead, she came out and told the world. Page attributes her coming out and courage to Ellen DeGeneres’ coming out years prior “when it was much harder”. In an interview with DeGeneres, Page explains her feelings, emotions and the benefits of being completely outted and happy.

The interview is set to air on May 27, and you’ll get to see all of Page’s heartfelt comments and smiles. The fact is, the girl’s got spunk for coming out and owning it. She’s even been ranked as one of the top power gay celebrities, coming in at number 29. A lot of folks will probably be a little more than judgmental when this hits the air, but the bottom line still stands: Page is happy with her life and willing to show the world that she no longer gives a damn and will not feel ashamed of “hiding” any longer.

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  • Brian

    May I just ask one simple questing?


    Why does it matter who she/he loves? Why does it matter to anyone, other than the to the one who loves you back? Why does it matter what happens in a person’s bedroom/private life? I mean seriously, I am happily married to my best friend (my wife) and well we do not advertise our home life to the world, nor for that matter should we have to. So once again why do people of ‘other’ prefrences feel that the world “needs” or “wants” or “must” know? Sure I understand; that some people are in the spot light or are people’s idles and feel obligated to fill people in. But… And that is a huge but! Who really needs to know that you are sexual or which way your heart feels. Honestly I’m sure most don’t care OR want to know that about you.
    Just one more thing, I am a straight male. However to me I feel that it should not matter who you love but HOW you love.
    Sorry, read this article and just felt obligated to say something on this matter. I’m sure that I just opened a huge box of worms and for those that are either too close minded or too bigoted to allow others to LIVE happily I’m sorry for you in advance.
    Thanks for taking a moment to read my ranting.