‘The Comeback’ will officially return to HBO this fall

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This fall you have something to look forward to (apart from the realization that you’ve grown too fat for your Evel Knievel Halloween costume)The Comeback because that’s when The Comeback will finally make its highly anticipated six episode return.

According to TV Line, HBO has officially confirmed that Lisa Kudrow’s cult TV series,

[W]ill pick up 10 years later and find Valerie trying to gain a foothold in a very crowded TV landscape. Valerie thinks she has it all figured out this time, reads HBO’s press release. She doesn’t.

Further details about the second season are still unknown at this time but it’s been speculated that Kudrow’s washed-up Valerie Cherish character may be a part of a Real Housewives of Beverly Hills-type reality series. Whatever the case may be, this is exciting news and somewhat softens the blow that I won’t be able to squeeze inside a star spangled, red, white and blue jumpsuit this Halloween.

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