McDonald’s “Random Red Couch” ad skeeves out Twitter

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It takes a special kind of annoying to make me want to write about a TV commercial. But McDonald’s has achieved specialkindofannoyingness with its “Random Red Couch” spot. Haven’t seen it? Prepare to rip your brain out and give it a solid wash:

It certainly is random. And here I am talking about it. So is Twitter. Of the hundreds of tweets I scanned, I found exactly ONE positive reaction to the commercial. As for the rest, it’s an intoxicating mix of bewilderment, annoyance and rage. But, as McDonald’s ad agency is probably telling them, any publicity is good publicity, right? For example, I don’t even remember the last Burger King spot I saw, but I’m sure it made me feel nothing at all. McDonald’s though? Top of mind. Top of puzzled mind.

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