“24” return draws big ratings

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24wallpaper1For those who may have been skeptical about the return of 24, the numbers are here and showing a lot of promise for the return Jack Bauer after four years. 24 drew some solid ratings after the two hour premier, tapping out at about 8.1 million viewers. And, wouldn’t you believe, a lot of those viewers were young adults. Yes, that demographic that is still impossibly hard to catch and hold.

Fox seems to have gotten something right by bringing back Jack Bauer and his horde of loyal fans. Honestly, it might be one of the only things they’ve gotten right recently.

Luckily, the season is only about 12 episodes long.

Hopefully, for the diehard fans out there, you’re all ready for a bucket load of espionage and spy games – and explosions. Don’t forget the explosions. 24’s entire season is airing Mondays at 9P.M. This should hold us over until Fox’s fall line-up, when we turn on our judgmental stares and shake our heads.

Enjoy it, folks! For the time being, Jack Jack is back.

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