Silliest petition ever demands “Amazing Spider-man 2″ director’s cut

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Amazing Spider-Man Andrew GarfieldOnline petitions are silly, on that I think we can all agree. Usually they either demand things that are meaningless, things that are impossible or things that the person being petitioned has no power to control or change. Just this year, the White House has been asked to do everything from force lawmakers to wear the slogans of their campaign donors to deport Justin Bieber to Canada. 

But there’s a petition this week that might be the most inexplicable yet: A petition to Sony Pictures and director Marc Webb to “Consider releasing a directors cut version of “The Amazing Spider-Man 2″ to the general public on Blue-Ray and DVD.” This is proposed because the film is getting “a lot of hate from critics worldwide,” and there’s a long list of scenes “rumoured to be in rough cuts but left out in the the final cut shown in cinemas everywhere.”

Nevermind that “Amazing Spider-man 2″ just came out last week. Or that it wasn’t all that great. Or that there’s no reason to think the version that played in theaters, at nearly two-and-a-half hours, wasn’t the “director’s cut” already. Or that “Blu-ray” (a technology developed by Sony) is spelled wrong.

What’s the point of petitioning the director to release a director’s cut? If he’s the director, and his preferred version wasn’t already released, wouldn’t he probably be pushing for that anyway, without this silly petition? And won’t the DVD and Blu-ray of this blockbuster movie include deleted scenes anyway, since home video releases of major blockbusters almost always do?

As of Wednesday 1,956 had signed the petition, out of a goal of 8,044.


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  • Jon

    Have you ever read what’s on the petition site( Read it.

    I watched it. Twas good but theres so many unsatisfying events.

  • Nick Brand

    Wow… this is probably the most biased Article I’ve ever seen. Just because you thought the movie wasn’t all that great doesn’t mean other people thought the same thing. Journalism truly is dead

  • Sukrit

    doesn’t seem like you know the difference between a final cut and a directors cut!