‘And So It Goes’ trailer: And so Michael Douglas and Diane Keaton’s careers go

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And So It GoesYou know, it really pisses me off that, even after hitting an unforeseen home run with Steven Soderbergh’s “Behind the Candelabra”, Oscar winner and living cinema legend Michael Douglas is yet to fathom he’s getting too old for this cheap, once-handsome, once-charming, once-successful, now-just-annoying rom-com crap.

What’s worse is he takes fellow Academy Award victor Diane Keaton for the B-movie ride in “And So It Goes”, Rob Reiner’s latest half-assed attempt to regain the mojo he lost back in the mid-‘90s. Sorry, guy, this nowhere near plays out as an elderly-targeted “When Harry Met Sally…”.

At best, it’s in the “Alex & Emma” ballpark. And Kate Hudson herself is probably embarrassed by how that particular chick flick turned out.

Written by another has-been, Mark Andrus (“As Good as It Gets”, 1997), and distributed by neophyte Clarius Entertainment, “And So It Goes” bows July 11 and will be lucky to earn $10 million domestically before it closes.

Yes, it’s that bad. None of the so-called “jokes” in the trailer lands, the Douglas/Keaton chemistry is nonexistent, and there’s no glimpse of a prospective dramatic angle. Oh, and the voiceover and soundtrack are beyond painful. Are you sure you don’t want to make this a direct-to-DVD release, Clarius?

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