‘How I Met Your Dad’ fate remains uncertain; The Mother gets her own show

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Gerwig- will we ever meet her?

Gerwig of “Dad’- will we ever meet her?

No matter how much everyone hated the finale of How I Met Your Mother, its spinoff, How I Met Your Dad, looked like as much of a no-brainer as any potential fall pilot. It had the original creative team plus respected TV writer Emily Spivey, a concept that, however much die-hards became disillusioned by the end, proved extremely popular, and Greta Gerwig, a talented, lovable actress in the lead. 

So it wasn’t a surprise, last Friday, when just about every major outlet that covers Hollywood reported that CBS had picked up How I Met Your Dad to series. Except that… CBS almost immediately denied the stories. Then, it made several announcements about new fall series, and ‘Dad’ wasn’t among them.

It’s unclear exactly what’s going on; speculation, via Deadline is either that the show is dead, or that there’s some kind of financial negotiation going on between the network and production studio. At any rate, a pass would be a shock. We should know something for sure by Wednesday, when CBS is to announce its fall schedule at the upfronts.

However, if you’re a ‘Mother’ fan, there is some good fall schedule news. The Mother herself, Cristin Milioti, is in an NBC pilot called A to Z, and NBC announced last week that it is picking up the show. It co-stars Ben Feldman, who plays Ginsberg on Mad Men– or, at least prior to the horrific events on Sunday night’s episode- USED TO play Ginsburg on Mad Men.

Here’s a trailer for the show which, between a Mosby-like romantic hero, Milioti in the female lead and the couple having nearly met various times over the years, bears more than a passing resemble to HIMYM:

The show will air on Thursday nights this fall on NBC.

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