From Colbert to ‘Minority': New ‘Report’ host is Larry Wilmore

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The Senior Black Correspondent's day is here: Larry Wilmore

The Senior Black Correspondent’s day is here: Larry Wilmore

Comedy Central has found its replacement for Stephen Colbert at 11:30 p.m.- and it’s the Daily Show’s longtime “senior black correspondent,” Larry Wilmore, in what sounds like an intriguing, full-of-potential premise. 

Wilmore will host The Minority Report, a new show that will riff on cable news’ panel shows while, according to an account by longtime New York Times late night TV chronicler Bill Carter, featuring “a collection of sharp young minority comics discussing topics in the news.”:

The idea is to have a panel of those voices led by Mr. Wilmore, commenting on the issues of the day — but in a comedic, scripted format, Ms. Ganeless said. “We are so excited to have a fresh idea for late night.” She emphasized that the panel would not simply address minority issues, but any and all issues, except from minority points of view.

Wilmore, while not quite a household name, has been around TV and comedy for many years. He appeared on The Facts of Life, wrote for In Living Color and later The Office, and co-created The Bernie Mac Show He’s been appearing on the Daily Show his 2007.

The show will begin airing in early 2015, following Colbert’s departure to CBS. I’ve got a feeling the transition will lead to some decent bits, with Mr. “I don’t see race” having to face his program being replaced by one called “The Minority Report.”

In the meantime, don’t expect a #CancelWilmore:


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