Farewell, Pawnee: ‘Parks and Recreation’ to end after one more season; NBC Thursday comedy block is already dead

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11. Parks and RecreationIt’s been pretty clear for awhile now, whether from reports of comments by NBC execs or from interviews with the creative team, that NBC’s Parks and Recreation would be back next season, and that that season would be its last.

NBC made that formal on Friday, officially announcing that ‘Parks’ will be back for a  final season. Michael Schur, the show’s creator, who wonderfully still tweets under his old baseball blogger handle “Ken Tremendous,” made it official:

Great as ‘Parks’ is, even most fans would admit that it’s time for the show to wrap up, before reaching the years-long downward spiral suffered by its sibling show, The Office. But part of the news is disappointing: The final season will only run for 13 episodes, and it is not on NBC’s fall schedule. The seventh and final season will debut in early 2015- and will be set, thanks to that big twist in the last season’s finale, in 2017.

The news is the end of an era in another way: What appears to be the death of NBC’s vaunted tradition of Thursday night comedy. With Community cancelled and ‘Parks’ off the schedule until winter, the NBC-at-8 slot will go to… The Biggest Loser. A pair of new sitcoms- Bad Judge and A to Z- will air at 9, but will be replaced by The Blacklist at midseason.

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