The Bravermans will live on, as NBC renews ‘Parenthood’

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Parenthood After a weekend in which the trade press reported a tense standoff in which cast was asked to not appear in every episode, a deal has been reached, and Parenthood is returning to NBC for one more season.

The generally low-rated but much-loved family drama from co-creator Jason Katims will return for a 13-episode final season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The show is on the fall schedule, and will retain the Thursdays-at-10 time slot on NBC; it will presumably air a series finale in November or December.

NBC, according to the Reporter’s account, had asked the show’s large cast to take a pay cut and agree to each only appear in a limited amount of episodes. A compromise was reached over the weekend, leading to the series-saving deal. The sixth season also means that Parenthood will outlive Friday Night Lights, Katims’ previous series, which also spent most of its existence on the bubble, but made it only to season five.

At the same time, NBC had announced that Parks & Recreation will be back for a final season, also of 13 episodes.

So, will Joel and Julia get back together? Is Amber pregnant? Will the series remember that Adam and Crosby own a recording studio? Tune in this September to find out.


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