Stacey Dash says she’s in talks to join Fox News; Fox has no comment

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stacey-dash-2Page Six reports that Stacey Dash, who’s Twitter profile says she “tweeted something once” (and that’s how I remember her, too) is in talks to join Fox News to be a contributor. Of course I also loved Dash in Clueless, but the REAL Stacey Dash is also known for being a Republican, which I will admit is rare for a black actress in Hollywood.

Dash endorsed Mitt Romney in the 2012 election, because I guess the world needs to know the political opinions of a 2006 Playboy Playmate and actress in an iconic teen movie. And unfortunately, the Twitterverse was cruel to Dash. This clip from The View is titled “Stacy Dash gets backlash for Tweet,” and it begins with mea cuplas from Whoopi and Sherri Shepherd bracing the audience to prep themselves for the “vicious” attacks on Dash.

Fallout came from Samuel Jackson and others, who questioned Dash’s sanity when she called Romney the “only choice” in the 2012 election.

Page Six says a rep from Fox News has no comment either way on Dash joining their team.

If the Fox News thing doesn’t pan out, Dash also has a web series called Stacy Dash is Normal, which casts her in a Larry David-esque light. It’s not a bad look! It’s like Dionne grew up and stopped giving a fuck about most societal norms, and had bad dating experiences instead of having trying escapades with head-shaving boyfriend Murray.

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