Dan Harmon Also Developing New Comedy for CBS

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Former Community showrunner Dan Harmon

Today in Dan Harmon news, the cultishly adored/difficult to work with former Community showrunner apparently now also has a deal to develop a new comedy for CBS. This is in addition to the new comedy he may be developing for Fox.

In news that both The Wrap and TV Line are claiming as their own scoop, unnamed sources are saying that Harmon has signed a “blind script deal” with CBS. This means, I guess, that the deal is being done before Harmon has delivered any script.

It’s also being reported that the CBS show will definitely be a traditional, multi-camera style sitcom, while the show he’s developing for Fox was reported to maybe or maybe not be a multi-cam comedy. As the AV Club‘s Sean O’Neal points out it’s fitting that after Harmon gave an interview in which he described television as being a “derivative medium” in which you’re supposed to “make a hamburger that everyone wants in their mouth,” in order to briefly distract the miserable masses from the “Orwellian habitrails” of their lives, he’s working with a network known for happily doing exactly that. Still, the partnership of the risk-adverse network, known for its successful, broad, lowest-common-denominator comedies and the difficult-to-work-with showrunner, known for his “quirky” comedy with niche appeal seems incredibly strange to me.

As previously reported, Harmon has been incredibly busy since being fired from Community. He’s also developing a pilot for an “Adult Swim” show on Cartoon Network in addition to raising funds on Kickstarter for a short film with Charlie Kaufman.

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