DVD Review: Poseidon Rex

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Poseidon RexMonster movies are commonly entertaining to their devotees. While some might believe that these essentially all operate the same way, going over the same ground with the minor changes brought about by a different bugaboo each time. “Poseidon Rex,” a copy of which our friends at Anderson Digital sent out for review, covers a lot of this same ground, yet throws in a few new twists to the whole idea.

Poseidon Rex” takes us to beautiful Belize, where something much less than beautiful is about to take place. A set of deep-sea divers set out to check out a natural phenomenon known as the Blue Hole in a bid to find a Mayan treasure long thought lost, when they awaken a monster of prehistoric dimensions. A sea monster with more than a few features of Tyrannosaurus Rex, this particular monster isn’t happy to be awake. It proceeds on a rampage, and it soon becomes clear that nowhere is safe, not on land nor on sea. But how can anyone put paid to the horror that is Poseidon Rex?

Those who notice connections between this, “Fool’s Gold” and “Into the Blue” will not be alone on this point. It’s almost identical in a lot of points, right down to “homicidal local decides he wants treasure without going after it himself”. Of course, there are differences; “Fool’s Gold” had a divorce, “Into the Blue” had drugs, and now “Poseidon Rex” has a lunatic sea monster.

Much like its predecessors, it’s a lot of fun with some occasional laughs tossed in for variety, which is nice. However, the down side of “Poseidon Rex” is that it has this whole inescapable feeling of a low-budget about it, as though this was likely to hit SyFy. You can imagine my lack of surprise when I found out that it had indeed hit SyFy. It’s a good fit for that channel; it’s not the greatest of movies, but it’s competent enough and does the job well. The scenery is beautiful, the plot isn’t too great a joke, and overall, a decently good time should be had by most.

Special Features include English subtitles, a set of audio options, a behind the scenes featurette and trailers for “Echo Drive,” “War of the Worlds: Goliath,” “The Bill Collector,” “The Backpacker,” and “Poseidon Rex,” though only “Poseidon Rex”‘s trailer will be available from the main menu.

“Poseidon Rex” is nothing great, of course, but it’s a fair enough rental. Good for a Netflix slot, good for a Friday night, good for a turn on SyFy…but not much else than that. It’s fair, decent stuff, and better if you can’t get enough of Belize.

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