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For all your Making the Eight needs

Hollywood producer Gavin Polone unloads on Nikki Finke (Vulture)

It’s a map of the entire Game of Thrones kingdom (Think Geek)

Journalist Michael Grunwald, the author of a new book about President Obama’s 2009 stimulus package, dedicated the book to his wife Christina, which is worded “To Cristina, my stimulus.” (The New Republic)

“Precious” director Lee Daniels is working with Hugh Jackman on a movie about a conspiracy to assassinate Martin Luther King (Vulture)

Alyssa Rosenberg looks at what would happen if cable went a la carte (Think Progress)

If you don’t like Chuck Lorre’s sitcoms but love those vanity cards at the end of his episodes, a book is coming out of them (The Wrap)

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