Trailer for New Doctor Who Season Released

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From left: Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith, and fanboy favorite Karen Gillan

Yesterday, the BBC released the official trailer for the upcoming new season (or “series” in crazy Brit-talk) of Doctor Who. This will be considered season/series 7 of the venerable sci-fi franchise, counting back to the relaunch of the show in 2005.

It’s been almost a year without any new Doctor Who episodes. The plan is for five new episodes before Christmas (a fall premiere date hasn’t been set yet) as part of a 14 episode season. This is much closer to a United States cable network production schedule, as opposed to a BBC model. And, the adoption of this production model, with its opportunities for longer story arcs etc. is probably part of the reason for Doctor Who’s  newfound success in the U.S. I’m assuming the episodes will be shown on BBC America very soon after their premiere on the BBC proper as they were last time around, but haven’t found anything officially stating that fact.

The big news about the upcoming season/series is that the five episode arc that airs before Christmas will culminate with the final departure of Amelia and Rory Pond, the Doctor’s wildly popular current “companions” in Who-speak and pretty much the emotional core of the show for the last three years. Watch the trailer below:

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