FOX NFL Show Drops Frank Caliendo

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Frank Caliendo

Comedian and impressionist Frank Caliendo’s run on the FOX NFL Sunday football pre-game show has come to an end after nine years. Caliendo announced on his Facebook page Thursday that he “will not be back this coming season.”

Caliendo traditionally appeared for a segment on each Sunday’s show, doing a brief comedy sketch in character as John Madden, Jack Nicholson, George W. Bush or one of his other impressions, before making his weekly game pick. Caliendo is also a fixture on numerous sports radio shows, and briefly had a sketch show on TBS called Frank TV.

The comic has not been a generally popular figure among some sports fans, myself included; I tend to think he’s pretty good at mimicking the celebrity voices but never does anything particularly funny with them. Then again, as Deadspin pointed out last year, NFL pre-game shows are largely about chuckling uproariously at things that aren’t that funny.

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