George R.R. Martin teases eighth “Ice and Fire” novel, in a way

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george rr martinSay whatever you want about George R. R. Martin, (and I’ve read the message boards, most of you are) but he knows how to leave them wanting more. His editor made an offhand comment that the author might write eight “A Song of Ice and Firee” novels instead of seven. Entertainment Weekly tracked him down and he didn’t really confirm or deny. He told the magazine he plans to finish in seven books, but noted his original plan was for three books.

Game of Thrones, HBO claimed this week, has now surpassed The Sopranos as the most popular HBO show of all time. Even when the author does finish, it wouldn’t surprise me to see HBO ask for a little bit more. J.K. Rowling thought she was done with the Harry Potter until Warner Bros. strongly suggested there was more to the story of Newt Scamander.

But there you kinda sorta have it. There will be only be seven books, unless he decides to write more. That’s just what he did initially, turning three books into seven. By that rationale, he might decide to write twelve. I’m off to the message boards to complain at length about this.

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