Fin: Slate vs. YA lit, the return of Rust Cohle and the “vaginas” of OitNB 

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Hey, grownup! Step away from the literature!

Hey, grownup! Step away from the literature!

Trolling works! Slate argues that adults shouldn’t read young adult (YA) novels; outrage, attention and many many clicks ensued (Slate)

John Waters explains why he got out of movie-making, although he does still have a dream project called “Fruitcake” (Baltimore Sun)

The best supercut of 2014 so far: Every vagina reference on Season 1 of Orange is the New Black (Vulture)

Why whoever ends up directing Marvel’s “Ant-Man” is a douchebag (Pajiba)

In light of recent news events- a 2013 supercut of movie characters saying “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” (Slacktory)

Matthew McConaughey isn’t ruling out a return to True Detective, although it won’t be in season 2 (Deadline)

The latest Disney princess with merchandise in the Disney Store is… Leia. (Jezebel)

Did you get excited when Taye Diggs followed you on Twitter? Don’t be- he (or rather, his staff) follow everyone (Business Insider)

Another reason to be depressed about the passing of Philip Seymour Hoffman- he was scheduled to appear on Louie (AV Club)

Speaking of Mr. CK: He gave an in-depth interview with Jonah Weiner (Medium)

The case for the “diminishing skills” of 50 Cent (Deadspin)

Sarah Silverman’s brother-in-law is a candidate for the ceremonial presidency of Israel (Jewcy)

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