‘The Best of Me’ teaser: ‘The Notebook’, 10 years later

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The Best of MeIt seems only fitting for the first official teaser of the latest mushy cheesefest from “Notebook” author Nicholas Sparks to debut just as “Fault in our Stars” predictably hits the box-office jackpot. But anyone expecting similarly profitable grosses for “The Best of Me” must be living in the past.

It’s not that Sparks completely lost his Hollywood mainstream appeal in the past decade. In fact, despite increasingly tepid critical reviews and mind-boggling casting choices, his novels’ adaptations continued to bring studios like Warner Bros., Sony, Buena Vista and Relativity solid returns on mostly modest investments.

However, sooner or later, audiences have to realize the guy is retelling the same story over and over again. Underprivileged boy or girl meets wealthy girl or boy, they fall in love in spite of unfavorable circumstances, stick together until hitting the first bump, give up, then reunite years later to rekindle the spark no matter how many “non-romantics” need to suffer.

Forget remakes and rehashes, this dude has literally written one book so far, which has been turned into one endless 16-hour movie. Make that 18 hours, as the ninth Sparks adaptation hits the big screens October 17.

And the funny thing is, in some kind of attempt at long overdue moral retribution, the innocent victim in “The Notebook” James Marsden, becomes the conqueror of the damsel’s heart. Suck it, Ryan Gosling, Michelle Monaghan is cuter than Rachel McAdams anyway!

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