Nicolas Winding Refn will ‘Walk’ with the ‘Dead’ in his next film

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Image Courtesy of The A/V Club

Image Courtesy of The A/V Club

It’s surreal to see what’s been happening with Danish filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn throughout his relatively short career. Before becoming a sensation on our shores, he crafted several artful crime films including the ‘Pusher’ trilogy, along with unusual efforts like ‘Bleeder’ and ‘Fear X.’ Once ‘Bronson’ (starring a stellar Tom Hardy) became an international arthouse hit, he was soon the talk of America as well – especially his eventual work with Ryan Gosling.

Drive‘ was a delight. ‘Only God Forgives,’ on the other hand, remains a bizarro world experiment in style. As a result, in the span of two films, Refn has gone from applauded auteur to artsy fartsy afterthought, though many still hold on to the former label. We’ve all wondered where his complicated muse will take him next. The answer is an all female horror film entitled ‘I Walk with the Dead.’

Refn has been quoted as feeling inadequate when it comes to writing female characters, so it’s telling that he did not craft this particular screenplay. According to The AV Club, the script is by Polly Stenham, a British playwright perhaps best known for ‘That Face’ (which she wrote when she was 19). Apparently, Refn picked her specifically because of her ability to create compelling women characters. There are no details yet about the storyline or subject (here’s hoping it’s NOT about witches) but with Refn behind the lens it’s sure to be visually stunning.

On the other hand, Refn is also notorious for letting style overwhelm substance at times. He’s also so ingrained in the whole macho man ideal that working exclusively with women may be too much of a challenge. Initially reports had ‘Drive”s Carey Mulligan attached to star. We will have to wait and see whose actually in the film once production begins in LA (“soon” according to Refn’s Twitter account).

Source: The A/V Club

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