Fin: Michael Moore’s fleet of homes, Britney Spears the communist and Reagan and Springsteen

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I wonder how many houses Roger has...

I wonder how many houses Roger had…

According to this article about Michael Moore’s divorce, he and his wife are fighting over their Michigan mansion and “eight other properties.” All New York Post grains of salt aside… Michael Moore has nine homes! Nine! That’s twice as many as Mitt Romney! Is there any other working documentary filmmaker who has more than one?  (Page Six)

Homeland had a great first season; it got worse after that. I’d say the same thing about House of Cards, having finally finished the second season over the weekend. One of the best things about the first season of House of Cards was Corey Stoll. His character can’t come back, obviously, but now Stoll is joining… Homeland. (Variety)

The shameless cash grab/zombification continues: Michael Jackson’s estate says there may be as many as eight more albums from the late King of Pop’s archives (Rolling Stone)

Only on Reddit: A discussion of communism in Britney Spears’ music (Reddit)

Did you hear Marc Maron’s 500th WTF episode? Wow. Tearful reconciliations with his mother, father, a couple of old friends, and Norm MacDonald. Dark but wonderful (WTF)

Our own Bill Gibron takes a dissenting view on “The Fault in Our Stars” (Pop Matters)

Lady Gaga will soon perform in Israel (Forward)

The Yankees drafted a pitcher who bears more than a passing resemblance to Kenny Powers (The Big Lead)

A long read on how Ronald Reagan made Bruce Springsteen a liberal (Politico)

Looking back at the Blu-ray/HD DVD format war (Engadget)

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