How do we know the Long Island Medium is a fraud? Because all mediums are frauds

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The "Long Island Medium"It appears questions are beginning to be raised about the veracity of the clairvoyant claims of Theresa Caputo, the star of the TLC reality show Long Island Medium.

Radar Online reported last week, “exclusively,” that “many viewers, audience members and even a private investigator believe Caputo’s ‘gift’ is a “total hoax.’” Even some longtime fans of Caputo, the report says, are jumping ship.

There are, let’s be clear, some problems with the Radar Online story. That a reality show is staged or fake is not exactly shocking at this point, much less one about a person who claims the ability to communicate with the dead. That some people watching a reality show about an obvious charlatan don’t believe she’s on the level is not news at all- nor, for that matter, is it “exclusive.”

Furthermore, the “private investigator” quoted in the story is a guy, Ron Tebo of, who seems to make a full time job of calling Caputo a fraud and making silly, sound-effect-laden YouTube videos about it. And the headline “Theresa Caputo Subject Of Fraud Investigation,” is not in any way backed up by the story itself, unless we’re talking about the private investigator’s own “investigation.” The phrase “fraud investigation” tends to imply that a law enforcement entity is investigating Caputo with an eye towards bringing criminal charges, something which is not stated in the story.

But all that said… of course the Long Island Medium is a fraud! Because EVERY psychic and medium is a fraud. It’s not like there’s some fraternity of “legitimate” or “on the level” psychics, of whose standards Caputo falls short. There is not. It is a discipline and profession absolutely no different from con artistry. These people are liars and scammers, dedicated to taking advantage of vulnerable, grieving people.

Human beings do not possess the ability to speak to or communicate with the dead. They just don’t. Everyone claiming that they can is a grifter, fame-driven, or both. That people like Caputo and John Edward were able to parlay her particular grift into big-time fame just shows that they’re better at this particular hustle than most others. But it doesn’t mean they’re honest people. They are, obviously, not. And it doesn’t take an “exclusive” news story- most people have pretty much figured it out on their own.

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  1. Maybe I can bring some attention (readers) to this pathetic journalism. The ROL story is on target and the story exposes a fraud! One who takes advantage of those who grieve and seek closure. In regards to my videos, love them or don’t ..I really do not care.

    Have a great rest of your day.

    Ron Tebo
  2. So refreshing to read an article by someone who just says it like it is. Preying on others who are suffering, especially to get their money, should be considered a criminal act.

  3. can you please stop making broad statements! You have no prove in what you are saying!
    There are those, who will continue to support her, myself included! You are just wasting
    your time, find something better to do!

  4. I respect your opinion and I’m not here to change your mind.

    Ron Tebo
  5. Just want to know what background or expertise do you have to state that all mediums are frauds? Is this article just your opinion or do you have some type of educational background, experts that you have interviewed or the like in order to come to this conclusion. Looking forward to hear from you

  6. Ah the scientific mind. It’s the “prove it to me” attitude. I wonder are you an atheist as well? No medium can be “on” all the time. They’re not like machines. There is no proof that Theresa Caputo is a fraud, only accusations. I really wouldn’t waste my time with this closed minded man who calls her a fraud. He sounds like a poop stirrer, some people just get their rocks off by stirring up trouble. I believe in God yet I have no proof!

    Laurie Ann
  7. The miracle of birth is proof enough that God is for real. I mean no disrespect. Just expressing my opinion.

  8. You don’t have to respect her opinion if it’s ridiculous. You should laugh and mock her for making such an ignorant assertion. Like this other person “proving” God exists because of the end product of sexual reproduction. The world is full of idiots, and will continue to be full of idiots because there is currently no environmental advantage to not being an idiot. You are always entitled to your opinion, and we are entitled to tell you that your opinion is nonsensical. We need less Bibles and more Textbooks in this world. It’s 2014 and people still believe in magic and evil spirits. Your loved one is dead, death is commonplace. You can’t talk to them, you can’t reach them, and they’re not watching over you from heaven. They’re just dead, like that cockroach you slaughtered the other night. Dead. That cockroach isn’t in heaven and neither is little Timmy. Grow up.

  9. Oh for cripe’s sake, there are no miracles, no gods, no mediums, no real psychics and yes, when people try to tell you the truth it’s for your own good. Stop believing in things without proof. That is a terribly ignorant and flawed way to live your life.
    Why bother going to the doctor? Why bother using technology? Why bother with court and criminal cases? Why not live your whole life without proof? Because you KNOW you need proof. So why in so many other cases will you accept bullshit without proof. No one can talk to the dead. It’s called dead for a reason.

  10. I just think it’s hysterical that their argument is “because she just is”. This article offers no evidence to back up the opinions of the writer. I, for one, believe in this stuff. Does she have it? I don’t know – I’d like to talk to her to see for myself, but I believe some people do.

  11. Anyone who believes people can talk to the dead is retarded. You ask, where’s the proof? The proof is that NOBODY can talk to the dead! That’s just a fact. Wake up morons.

  12. I don’t believe that she is a fake or scam. I can talk to my daughter of. 8yrs passing. I have heard my own daughter speak to me. don’t put people down just because they have a gift & you don’t understand it. leave people alone

  13. To all those who are saying it’s impossible for anyone to talk to the dead, exactly how do you know this? I’m very serious. Matter can neither be created or destroyed, it simply changes form. How do you know that whatever it is that makes you “you” (your soul, your spirt, your energy, etc.) doesn’t retain a communicalbe state when it leaves your body? It seems to me one is amazingly arrogant when they state that they “know” something that, at this point in time, can’t be proven one way ot another.

    Art Golden
  14. As Theresa Caputo is the one making an extraordinary claim–being able to communicate with the dead–the onus is on her to prove it. The burden of proof is not on her critics to prove she is a fraud, which she most assuredly is.

  15. Wow. Am surprised at the comments that are so adamant against believing. There are always going to be things that cannot be explained. Makes me wonder about those so against it. Maybe they have a reason to not want to be able to communicate with the dead. I have not witnessed a psychic encounter personally but I have an open mind to the possibility. Though the thought is scary and kind of creepy.

  16. Ron, MsPaula and Christian seem to think they know it all but you’re re not the authority on death and connecting with the dead. (Unless you’ve died and know from experience!) What makes you so sure people can’t talk to the dead? That’s just your belief. You’re not smarter than those that believe. Understand? So keep your opinion, respect others right to their opinion, and grow up yourself.

  17. I just wanna know how do you know that nobody can speak to the dead? is it because you can’t I can’t either but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe anything is possible. I don’t know if this woman is real or fake but she is helping so what does it matter you’re helping nobody you’re just a hater. that’s the problem with the world these days too busy worrying about other people

    frank Preston
  18. you make yourself sound stupid to the whole world you have no clue what people to do because you can’t do it don’t be mad because you are a limited person.

    frank Preston
  19. there have been people all throughout history that has talk to the dead that have unexplainable events happen without proof there is no proof how humans got on this earth today but we are here yet you think proof has to be seen you sound like a fucking idiot

    frank Preston
  20. I am a realistI have been through more than anybody you have known and I don’t know if God is real or fake but one thing I do know is that there was no proof on either situation so you cannot sit here and say someone is a fake when you just don’t know. everybody in this world hates on one person for one reason or another you need to find out why you are devoted to prove her a fake. are you jealous that she has made more money did you? if she is a fake you expose it it will not help you

    frank Preston
  21. you say you are not on here to change peoples minds then why are you on here because she’s not hurting you

    frank Preston
  22. I don’t think she needs to prove anything. if I say I am purple and you say prove it I wanna know who the hell do you think you are that I need to prove anything to you. we are all nobodies to her so she should prove anything if you want proof call her to your house for reading I would

    frank Preston
  23. you are the about the only person on these comments to make sense I’m riding with you

    frank Preston
  24. this article is just an opinion they are assholes mad because they’re not getting recognized for anything so they attempt to be here

    frank Preston
  25. To any person who believes there is no evil is wrong. There has to be balance in the world, there is God and there is evil. My mother passed away several years ago but, she let me know she is still around by changing my music on my itouch. She is always letting me know when something electronic goes crazy and I have to ask her to “please stop” and she does. My mom, sister and I have a connection most people don’t understand. We got it from our grandmother who was very religious and also believed there was great evil in the world. Believe or not there has to be balance and am afraid the balance is tipping towards the bad side

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  27. I can’t vouch for Theresa Caputo because I’ve never had a reading from her personally but I have had a reading by a medium and let me tell you there is absolutely no way she could’ve told me what she did without talking to my loved ones. I know everyone says this but I kid you not even I was blown away by what she said to me and I went into my reading a a skeptic. Don’t bash all mediums just because there is some who are fake!

  28. Hey, anyone remember that Sylvia Browne fraudster who told those parents their young son was dead, only to have him turn up alive years later? These charlatans are not harmless. They fill the world with lies and naive people help them do it. STOP promoting fakery. There’s enough real stuff in the world to focus on.

  29. People grow up. It’s the 21st century. There is no talking to the dead. What Caputo does, she does well- it’s a craft, and it’s been around for ages. Everyone sees butterflies after a loved one dies, we all somehow notice electrical diaturbances like a chance light bulb blowing out, every parent thg loses a child will have a reading mentioning Winnie the Pooh etc etc. these “mediums” know the tricks and things to say. It’s funny how a medium always tells us that our loved ones are happy, in a better place. What, no one that’s ever died ends up in hell? Is love for a medium to say ” your dad was an asshole- he’s suffering in hell right now”. But no, it’s always the same shit-” your mom forgives you”, “your dad knows you were with him in the hospital when he passed and e heard what you said”, ” I see an elderly lady possibly your mother, grandmother, sister or Aunt”, ” who has the ring or necklace?” . Its a con game and Caputo knows it. I can show up at anyone’s house and do a cold reading just based on their age, ethnicity , an a few leading questions. People, when we die , we die. Sad truth but it makes this one go around all the better.

    Paul stone