Jeremy Renner returning to ‘Mission: Impossible 5,’ or taking it over?

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Image Courtesy of Business

Image Courtesy of Business

Is it really true? Is Paramount fixing to eventually replace Tom Cruise with Jeremy Renner for a future ‘Mission: Impossible’ reboot? That’s the impression one gets from the recent piece on Film Buff Online about the latter actor’s return to the franchise. Apparently, with his current position as part of The Avengers secure and another Bourne adventure to front sometime in the future, Renner’s people are plotting a ‘MI’ overthrown, with an aging icon out and the two time Oscar nominee in. Now, while all of this sounds like speculation, the article makes it very clear that, at some point prior to Cruise coming back for Installment Five, there was talk of him being dropped and William Brandt become the spy outfit’s face.

Seriously? All ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ tanking commentary aside (and it’s a terrific film, by the way), Renner is no Cruise. Not by a long shot. The superstar face of Scientology wasn’t gifted a spot in several established franchises, No, Cruise BUILT his own. It was he who took the risk of making ‘Mission: Impossible’ with Brian De Palma in the director’s chair. It was Cruise who kept the series fresh by demanding new faces behind the lens. Without him, we wouldn’t have seen John Woo, J.J. Abrams, or Brad Bird. Between ‘Mission’ and his other top of the line efforts, Cruise has become beyond bankable. While his fortunes may be fading in the US, he still puts butts in seats internationally, and as long as Hollywood is counting on foreign dollars to make mainstream movie ends meet, he’s safe.

Still, Renner is hinting he will be back for ‘Mission’ Five as long as it fits in his schedule. That’s about as specific as his Yahoo interview answer gets. Christopher McQuarrie is hard at work prepping the film for its Christmas 2015 release, so it’s really up to Joss Whedon and ‘Avengers 2′ whether or not her actually shows up onscreen. Besides, who really cares if Renner comes back. As long as Simon Pegg is there as tentative tech expert Benji Dunn, we’ll be happy (and he is, supposedly).

Source: Film Buff Online

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  • Jerri

    Yay for Renner coming back. Loved his scenes with Simon Pegg. And the moment Brandt disarms Hunt, not once but TWICE in less than that amount of seconds, was pure brilliance

  • Kyle

    Renner already cleared up this rumor ages ago–he’s not taking over the series. He did allude to coming back to 5 tho, if his schedule permits. Renner may not be a “Cruise,” but I’ve gone out of my way to see all of Renner’s films in theaters since the town. The last film of toms that I went to go see was MI4 :/. He just doesn’t have the same draw for me anymore. It’s the one reason I can think of why they are trying to get Renner to do 5 so badly.

  • MM

    Renner being in the next MI is the only reason I’d see it in theaters. Otherwise I’ll maybe catch it some lazy Sunday on DISH. Think you’re out of touch with the audience draw of Cruise vs. Renner, dude.