George R.R. Martin wants more episodes, still working on more books

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George RR Martin memeWe all know the dynamic: Game of Thrones is insanely popular and profitable. It’s been a success beyond HBO’s imagination. But… someday the series is going to run out of source material. The first four seasons have taken up three of the five existing books, supposedly the the fourth and fifth books are less cinematic than the earlier ones, and that sixth book is nowhere in sight. It seems likely that sooner rather than later, the show will run out of runway.

No, I’m not going to say that George R.R. Martin needs to stop giving interviews and tweeting and start working on new books. I’ve always found it unbearably hacky when a sports columnist or talk radio caller goes after an athlete for, say, appearing in a TV commercial in the offseason “instead of concentrating on winning a Super Bowl”; the same applies to Martin. I’m sure he has time to do more than one thing at once.

That said, the A Song of Ice and Fire creator has sure been popping up in a lot of places lately, places that are not the DOS Word Processor that he famously uses to write. First, GRRM got ahead of the numerous parody/fake accounts on Twitter by launching his own- thus becoming, I believe, the first verified tweeter in history to direct readers to his LiveJournal page:

Then, Martin sat for an extended interview with the New York Times, published Wednesday. Among other comments, Martin said he wished the series contained 13 episodes per season, rather than 10. He also repeated his defense of the series’ depiction of sexual assault, while also stating that, a few exceptions aside, he’s relatively happy with the direction the show has taken. But… he’s not happy with the Iron Throne itself:

“It’s not the Iron Throne I see when I’m working on ‘THE WINDS OF WINTER.’ It’s not the Iron Throne I want my readers to see. The way the throne is described in the books … HUGE, hulking, black and twisted, with the steep iron stairs in front, the high seat from which the king looks DOWN on everyone in the court … my throne is a hunched beast looming over the throne room, ugly and assymetric … The HBO throne is none of those things.”

The bright side of that… he is, in fact, working on “The Winds of Winter.”

Famous or not, Mr. Martin is still obliged to sit down each day and write because millions of agitated fans are waiting, hoping that “Winter” is coming — soon. He’s writing too slowly for some fans’ tastes, but quality takes time. When asked about his progress on “The Winds of Winter,” all Mr. Martin would say, a sigh tinting his voice, was, “It’s going along.”

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  • The Mojinator

    Wow, you really did your research for this *cough*no you didn’t*cough. First off the first 4 seasons take place over the course of the first 3 books, not 4 books for 3 seasons. The 3rd book was split into seasons 3 & 4. Also there are only 5 books published, not 6. If you’re going to write about something with as deep and strong of a fanbase as Ice and Fire and can’t get these basic facts down, you probably pass on it.

  • Holly J

    Thats what is said in the article.4 books 3 seasons…it does not say 3 books 4 seasons.You just need to read carefully.