VNN? Vice Media may merge with HLN

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In news that would have been unthinkable back when Vice was a magazine in Brooklyn that was primarily associated with music and “dos and don’ts” lists, parent company Vice Media is reportedly in talks to sell a stake to Time Warner- valuing Vice at a shocking figure of over $2 billion.

According to a Sky News report, Time Warner- which recently spun off its legacy print media arm, Time, Inc.- is in “detailed negotiations” to acquire about half of Vice:

One potential structure under discussion would see Time Warner injecting HLN, a news platform owned by its Cable operations, into Vice in return for roughly half the enlarged company.

A deal is expected to value Vice at roughly $2.2bn, about 50% more than last year’s sale of a stake in the mini-conglomerate.

I’m not going to pretend that Vice’s stuff is my cup of tea, exactly, but they do good work, and a lot of stuff that no one else is doing. And there’s no way a Vice-infused version of HLN wouldn’t mark a dramatic improvement over HLN’s present (embarrassing garbage like Nancy Grace and Dr. Drew) or its even more nightmarish proposed future (essentially Twitter on TV, with series called #WhatsyourFOMO and I Can Haz NewsToons.) 

Then there’s this aspect of it, according to Capital New York: 

Vice founder Shane Smith has never minced words about CNN. He has called the channela “fucking disaster” that is “spiraling into shit.”

Things could get awkward in the office. But you can’t say he’s wrong…

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