Feedly, come back! RSS reader goes down, news consumers’ day is ruined (UPDATED)

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FeedlyWhen Google discontinued its Google Reader RSS reader nearly a year ago, the world’s comment remaining RSS enthusiasts were confronted with a possible future with no way to read RSS feeds at all. Luckily, an existing app called Feedly stepped up, making the transition super easy for Reader fans.

On Wednesday, the Feedly community got a terrifying glimpse of that RSS-free world we thought we’d avoided. Feedly was hit with a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), part of a hacker extortion plot, and was down for nearly the entire day in both web and app versions, before re-emerging Wednesday night. Unnamed hackers had demanded a ransom in order to restore service, one Feedly, to its credit, refused to pay. Evernote was also affected; Tweetdeck also crashed Wednesday but in an unrelated attack.

Having to actually go to websites and read them like it’s 2005 or something, journalists and other Feedly users vented on Twitter:

Luckily, Feedly seems to be working just fine as of Thursday morning, and even better, Feedly presumably managed to come back without paying a ransom to criminals. I feel like celebrating, with a dinner at PF Chang’s… 

UPDATE: As of Thursday morning, Feedly is down once again, due to a second DDOS. 

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