Glug, Glug: Jason Momoa to play Aquaman

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Here’s a tip, the more obscure the celebrity, the better the chances the rumors are true they’re playing a superhero in the upcoming “Justice League” momoa-aquamanmovie. Case in point, according to Hitfix, Jason Momoa – who is sort of known for his work on  the first season of Game of Thrones, the “Conan the Barbarian” remake and Baywatch: Hawaii – will in fact be playing Aquaman. So take a deep breath and rest easy secure in the knowledge that the actor you’re vaguely aware of will be playing a character you don’t really care for. Phew, right? Just, phew!

Yes, the rumors are true. Even though Warner Bros. hasn’t officially announced this casting news just yet, Momoa will be playing the aquatic Dr. Doolittle that we’ve grown to know and tolerate. Director Zack Snyder has finalized his designs for the character and shooting will take place shortly. According to the article, Aquaman will be making a cameo in 2016’s “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and apparently,

[H]e is not pleased about the World Engine and what it did to the Indian Ocean. He will not have a major role in the film, but he will make an appearance, and it definitely sets him up to return once Snyder gets to “Justice League”.

Speaking of “Justice League”, the newly launched has leaked the projected release date of Justice League along with the release dates of several other DC film properties. Tentatively speaking, these are the films you could expect to see within 2016 to 2018,


May 2016Batman v Superman

July 2016Shazam

Xmas 2016Sandman

May 2017Justice League

July 2017Wonder Woman

Xmas 2017Flash and Green Lantern team-up

May 2018Man Of Steel 2


Some of these aren’t too surprising, but Shazam?!? I can’t believe we may be getting a Shazam movie! That’s kind of cool! Will it be a period piece like the first “Captain America” movie? Will it be full of gee-whiz retro-spectacle? Because I can’t imagine a grim and gritty contemporary take on this character, even though that seems to be Warner Bros. plan with most of these characters. At any rate all of this is fairly exciting and it will be interesting to see if Warner Bros. sticks to these plans (my feeling is that they won’t).

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  • zryson

    Its hard to be excited about another Zack Snyder-directed film (two, actually which will include Justice League.)

  • Michael Sullivan

    Fair enough. I can’t argue with that.