The third trailer for the third ‘Expendables’ is here

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What I like about the “Expendables” series is the fact that it gives aging and elderly action movie stars one last chanceExpendables-3 to grunt, punch things and slowly walk towards the camera as something explodes in the background before their HGH swollen husks are placed inside a flaming catamaran and then pushed out to sea.

But what I love about the “Expendables” series is that the casting is starting to get a little weird. Sure Wesley Snipes makes sense (although his hair doesn’t. What is up with that? What would you even call it? Is he wearing an Elliott Gould wig?) as does Antonio Banderas, Rhonda Rousey and whatever and what have you. But Kellan Lutz? Harrison Ford? KELSEY GRAMMER?!? Granted, Grammer was stepping in for Nicholas Cage but, c’mon! What? Did Nathan Lane and David Hyde Pierce turn the producers down? Actually, on second thought, please cast Nathan Lane in the “Expendables 4.” You know that all of you want to see Nathan Lane in the “Expendables 4!”

At any rate, “The Expendables 3”, this summer’s most mindless pop-shot of a movie, will be getting all over your eyes, ears and hair on August 15.

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