Coolest-sounding movie ever? Gosling, Crowe eyed to star in “The Nice Guys” 

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Hey girl... I'm a nice guy

Hey girl… I’m a Nice Guy

Writer/director Shane Black. Los Angeles in the ’70s. Ryan Gosling. Russell Crowe. “The suicide of a fading porn star.” Do proposed movies ever sound any cooler than “The Nice Guys”?

The Wrap reported earlier this week that Black, the writer of “Lethal Weapon” and “The Last Boy Scout” and the director of “Iron Man 3,” is putting together a package for Gosling and Crowe to star in “The Nice Guys,” an old script of Black and Anthony Bagarozzi’s that’s drawing renewed attention. Here’s the pitch, which sounds like a combination of “L.A. Confidential,” “Boogie Nights” and “The Big Sleep”:

Set in smoggy 1970s Los Angeles, story follows Jackson Healy (muscle-for-hire, recovering alcoholic) and Holland March (private eye, practicing alcoholic), who are brought together by the suicide of a fading porn star. However, the dead girl’s aunt is convinced she saw her niece alive and well after the highly publicized incident. March needs money, takes the case, and within days, it’s blossomed into a far-reaching murder conspiracy, bizarrely rooted in smog and the U.S. auto industry.

Would you see that movie? Come on. Of course you would.

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  • shirley shepard

    I’d see anything with Russell Crowe in it. He always gives Oscar performances whoever he plays.

  • Leni Morgan

    Wow, sounds great… l love Russell Crowe and if it is half as good as LA Confidential it will be awesome.

  • Lorraine Shaw

    Russell Crowe has never given less than an outstanding performance in any film he has appeared in whether the film was considered a ‘hit’ or not. Though some of his films have not done well at the box office, these same films have been well received in Europe where movie goers appreciate a good performance and do not have the animous that the Academy appears to have had against Russell….Case in point, Russell not receiving the Academy Award for Best Actor in ‘A Beautiful Mind’ which was given to Denzel Washington for that medicore cop and robbers film ‘A Training Day’.