No ruling Thursday in Aereo case

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Aereo, still before the U.S. Supreme Court

Despite speculation that the U.S. Supreme Court would issue a ruling Thursday in the case involving tech firm Aereo, the Court did not do so, several reporters covering the case tweeted Thursday.

According to various media reports, a decision is likely to come down either on Monday or next Thursday in the case of American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. v. Aereo, Inc.

The dispute between the networks and Aereo, which has gone on for over two years, is over whether or not Aereo’s model of streaming content from the public airwaves from millions of small antennas to subscribers is a violation of the networks’ copyright. The plaintiffs are the network- owned by such corporations as CBS, Comcast, News Corp and Walt Disney- who are backed by the White House. The defendants, Aereo, are supported by the Consumer Electronics Association. 

Those on the anti-Aereo side have argued that a victory could destroy the existing business model of television, although this opinion is somewhat controversial. 

The ruling will therefore almost certainly come down during next week’s CE Week event in New York. See SCOTUSblog for more information about the case .

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  • G’Dale

    Please Big Supreme Court set your people free. Aereo, it’s a right , stand up for freedom of the air ways.