30 Years of Wrestlemania book coming in September

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shawn michaels vs undertakerWWE will release “30 Years of Wrestlemania,” a compendium of the first three decades of pro wrestling’s biggest event, September 15. DK Publishing, the same company that delivered 2009’s “WWE Encyclopedia,” is bringing us this one as wellWWE Encyclopedia.

It will include a comprehensive history of the event, tributes to The Undertaker and Shawn “Mr. Wrestlemania” Michaels and a whole lot of backstage stories. Collectibles include tickets, VIP passes and an exclusive Topps trading card featuring The Undertaker.

Taker, of course, was undefeated at Wrestlemania until this year’s shocking loss to Brock Lesnar. He and Shawn Michaels became the event’s biggest annual straws. Taker did it by never losing, Michaels by putting on an incredible show whether he won or lost. They’re all over this compendium and they should be.

This book will serve as a reminder that Wrestlemania wasn’t always the huge spectacle it currently is. In the beginning, lots of people thought Vince McMahon had finally lost it. Who would pay to watch the resolution of pro wrestling storylines? The answer turned out to be quite a few million people. Wrestlemania spawned countless imitators, and WWE itself runs a pay-per-view every month. But none have attained the prestige of the big one.



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