Fin: Tupac the Jew, Laverne Cox the Jew-lover, and OITNB and GoT, charted

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How do you say "Thug Life" in Hebrew?

Grab your kippa when you see Tupac…

I can understand the idea of Jewish people wanting to claim certain celebrities as their own, even if the “claim” is somewhat tenuous. I know I’m a Jew who’s done it a whole lot over the years, usually with baseball players who had a Jewish parent or wife or grew up in Brooklyn. But then there’s stuff like “The Secret Jewish History of Tupac Shakur,” which ran earlier this week in the Forward. The piece was written by Seth Rogovoy, as part of a continuing series that already featured the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and David Bowie. Rogovoy attributes Tupac’s secret Jewishness to his having had a teacher/mentor named  Leila Steinberg who he lived with for a time, he once sampled  “Hatikvah” in a song, and he sang a song about how he loved his mother, while his song “Dear Mama” is somewhat reminiscent of ““My Yiddishe Momme.” Eh. Bit of a stretch (Forward)

On the other hand, I’m much more on board with this: Laverne Cox, from Orange Is the New Black, says she prefers to date Jewish men, telling Chelsea Handler that “‘I’d like to think of myself as the nation’s premier black transgender shiksa.” (Tablet)

Speaking of OITNB, remember that supercut of all the vagina references on Season 1? There’s a follow-up for season 2. No spoilers, except to spoil that people on that show say “vagina” a lot (Vulture)

More OITNB: Season 2, in charts, written by someone who really hates the Jason Biggs character (The Toast)

The same thing, only about Game of Thrones (Vulture)

Huge news in the world of TV recapping: Todd Van Der Werff is leaving the AV Club to become Culture Editor at Vox (Vanderwha tumblr)

An exhaustive ranking of Lana Del Rey thinkpieces (Deadspin)

Time’s James Poniewozik asks which Coen Brothers movie should be adapted for TV next. It’s not the best Coen movie, but I assure you- “Burn After Reading” would make the best TV series (Time)

Odie Henderson praises “Purple Rain”- the best movie ever made in the state of Minnesota by a director with a last name besides “Coen”- on its 30th anniversary (Roger Ebert)

It’s the 15th (?!?!?) anniversary of “South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut.” Composer Marc Shaiman looks back on “Uncle Fucka” and the rest of the movie’s songs (EW)

Yay for Ben and Jerry’s for Saturday Night Live-themed ice cream flavors. Boo for naming one of them for the worst recurring character of all time, Gilly (Laughspin)

This ranking of the worst songs used by Major League Baseball closers includes “El Mechon,” used by the Giants’ Sergio Romo, but I love the song. When it came on when I was at a game in San Francisco last year, everyone in the stadium was clapping and singing along (SportsGrid)

Put that on a poster: “Obvious Child is the ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’ of Abortion Films” (Filmdrunk)

Ron Paul’s upcoming role in the third “Atlas Shrugged” movie is referred to as Paul’s “acting debut,” by people who have obviously never seen “Bruno.” Also in the movie is noted Hollywood draw Grover Norquist (Hollywood Reporter)

Four words: Arnold Schwarzenegger Fart Supercut (Distractotron Channel)

An argument that reality TV has turned Honey Boo Boo into a “monster,” because she was such a model of decorum before the reality show (Salon)

Every FCC viewer complaint about the Michael Sam kiss, most of which were obviously written by people so offended that they rewound and watched the kiss again dozens of times (Deadspin)

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